New Qualifications – Practical advice and guidance

I’m glad to take this chance to highlight another significant step in our work relating to Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) – the publication of our practical advice and guidance to support practitioners as they acquaint themselves with the formal arrangements for Scotland’s new National Qualifications courses, which have now been issued by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

It is no coincidence that the publication of SQA’s arrangements and our support materials has happened at the same time. While SQA have clearly taken the lead in the development of new CfE courses and National Qualifications, we at Education Scotland have been playing a full role in supporting them in that development.

We have been working with practitioners as well as national stakeholders to make sure that what we have produced will provide practical advice to assist in implementing key aspects of the new qualifications.

The views of practitioners helped shape the priorities for support, and that is why this new material is focussed particularly on the delivery of courses where there is significant change – such as new units, combined courses, or new contexts of learning; and uses a variety of formats, including written advice, videos and some powerpoint presentations.

In developing these new materials, we have worked with a wide range of experienced subject practitioners across the country – people who are teaching pupils in schools, in subjects, every day. As a result, the materials have been developed by practitioners for practitioners, and their quality assurance has been thorough and rigorous.

This new suite of material is one more part of our programme of guidance and information in support of CfE. I am confident that these new materials will really help practitioners as they introduce the needs of the new National Qualifications into their teaching practice.

Dr Bill Maxwell,
Chief Executive,
Education Scotland

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