New CfE Films – Impact and Benefits

The Scottish Government has produced a number of new CfE films documenting some of the impact and benefits of Curriculum for Excellence, 18 months since its official introduction into Scotland’s publicly funded schools.

The films feature learners, teachers and parents discussing in their own words how CfE is changing education in Scotland.

They comprise of three sector specific films (early yearsprimarysecondary) and one combined film with highlights from all three and were developed in co-operation with the National Parent Forum of Scotland.

They are intended for parents/carers and learners, as well as teachers and other education professionals, please feel free to share them widely and do let us know any feedback you might have.

CfE Team
Scottish Government

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  • Watch Wilfred Online

    Good stuff and your related CFE links were helpful…especially parentzone

  • helna

    Such moves and measures by the Scottish government can indeed improve the standard of education in Scotland. Well, I appreciate this post and I am looking forward to read more stuff like this on your blog. Thank you for sharing this one!

  • AnActualTeacher

    Afternoon Andy

    Apologies, it's now updated. While we are at it, I posted on 17/02 re. best of the week and it's still awaiting moderation – any particular problems?


  • AnActualTeacher

    If it's so great why have many independent schools decided to wait or opt out of national 4 /5 exams?

    Despite promises of greater autonomy the BBC noted today that "Following the decision by East Renfrewshire to delay, education secretary Michael Russell has made it clear to the 31 other education authorities who run state schools that he does not expect them to follow suit".

    As more evidence comes to light about the disater that is National 4 / 5 the more shame that is being brought to Scotland. Can't wait for the Private Eye's comments!

    • Andy Thomson, Engage

      Morning AnActualTeacher,

      Please can you double check your registered Engage email address. I recently tried to contact you to let you know I was removing a personal reference in a comment but unfortunately the email was returned "recipient not known".

      You should be able to access it when logged in via "Profile" and change it if need be.

      All the best,

      Andy, Engage