It’s never too early to go green

Adam Ingram visits Hollandbush Nursery in Hamilton

Adam Ingram visits Hollandbush Nursery in Hamilton

I had the enormous pleasure of a visit to South Lanarkshire earlier this week. Nothing strange about that, you might say, but my trip was to Hamilton’s lovely Hollandbush Nursery School, just outside the city centre.

The occasion was the launch a new set of on-line materials to help teach our very youngest, pre-school children about the importance of being green.

The new resource offers advice on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and how to get more involved in environmental projects such as recycling, energy saving, litter awareness, and growing plants and vegetables in a nursery garden.

The nursery is a recent recipient of an Eco-schools green flag, and by working through the materials, more schools will be able to apply for similar accreditation.

Hollandbush do appear to be ahead of the curve, however. The children I met were incredibly eco-aware, even at such a young age, and even sang a little song about being green.

This initiative has been part-funded by The Green Insurance Company who have joined up with Eco-Schools to as part of their pledge to donate some of their profits to environmental causes.

It was an enormous pleasure to spend time with representatives of both organisations, as well as the charismatic nursery staff. But most of all I enjoyed meeting a group of happy young children, learning about green issues in a friendly environment.

For more information on the Eco-Schools programme go to

Adam Ingram Minister for Children & the Early Years

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