Curriculum For Excellence – Support package announced

Engage NewsEducation Secretary Michael Russell today announced confirmation that agreement has been reached with Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) on a package of support for teachers to ensure that delivery of new qualifications under Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) remains on track.

The package of support includes:

– Additional funding of £3.5 million for secondary schools for additional training and support materials where these are required.

– Two extra in service days for secondary schools to allow teachers additional time to prepare for new qualifications.

– An expanded programme of SQA events for every principal subject teacher.

– Education Scotland and SQA will work with teachers to develop national course materials. These materials will enable teachers to then tailor their teaching for the needs of their pupils.

During a visit St. Augustine’s RC High School, Mr Russell said:

“We have been listening to the concerns of teachers over the past few weeks and I thank the EIS for their positive contribution to our discussions. This package of measures aims to help ease the workload of teachers as they prepare new courses for the school year ahead” adding, “Education Scotland is reviewing the state of readiness to introduce new qualifications in secondary schools across Scotland. This review will identify precisely where any of the additional help and support announced today is most needed.”

“We want to improve the life chances of all our children and young people and it is vitally important that we remain on track with Curriculum for Excellence for the 54,000 pupils currently in S2 and deliver new qualifications on time. I want to reassure pupils and parents that we continue on course.”

Commenting on the announcement General Secretary of EIS, Larry Flanagan said, “EIS welcomes this agreement as a successful conclusion to the detailed discussions of the last few weeks. The Cabinet Secretary has listened to the arguments presented. The detailed package represents a significant and measurable investment in the senior phase of CfE, which should allow schools to progress towards National 4 and 5 in 2013/14.

Read the full story on the Scottish Government website.

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  • patriciaharkins

    I hope Mike listens to teachers and parents and not just officials! I seriously hope teachers do get the help they need with this. I hope also that we have more continuity between schools because at the moment that's not happening . It's a disgrace that some schools are doing 8 subjects in S4 whilst others are only doing 6. You are disadvantaging these kids ! And as for the rumour that some will only be doing 5 ? Parents are being kept in the dark with these changes with the majority not sure what's going on . I was told recently that all schools in my region were doing the same thing , when in fact I know that this is NOT the case. I only know of 2 local schools doing 6 subjects so far all others doing 8. NOT HAPPY !

  • Pandora

    Glad that the powers that be have FINALLY realised that support is needed for the implementation of the new system. But all the same am very glad my kids are at an independent school so if this mess continues they can choose to opt out and take English exams instead. Perish the thought but they can't possibly take the N4/5s with the current level (nil) of curriculum, advice and support.

  • sawney hasbeen

    We are starting N4/5 in August. Amount of curricular development? Zero. Asked for help in February – no reply.

    • Andy Thomson, Engage

      Hi Sawney,

      Am concerned to hear your experience, could you possibly email me with a more background via here?



      Engage Community Manager

  • AnActualTeacher

    Excellent- the more debate the better. Although it has to be said that the tone seems to be 'it's happening so get on with it' rather than a debate- oh, and the website is run by the former content manager for LTS; just mentioning that as a point of reference.

  • Alan_Hamilton

    There is an interesting debate growing on the Pedagoo website:… by other ActualTeachers.

  • AnActualTeacher

    Now that the Education Secreatary has effectively admitted that all is not well with National's implementation, will he seek advice from a new set of 'friends'?

    Clearly the likes of ADES (who even have a former director of education acting as a link with the government, paid for by taxpayers), and the SQA, should provide Mr Russell with impartial and accurate advice when he needs it. They clearly failed to do so when they loudly supported his previous stance that the good ship 'National Qualifications' was on course.

    My old mum always said you are judged by the company you keep, and it's advice I am happy to share with Mr Russell.

  • AnActualTeacher

    Well done Mr Russell- it's taken a long time, and you put the information out on Budget Day when the media might be looking elswewhere, but you finally listened.

    Could you now:

    *Ensure the money is devolved to schools rather than left in the hands of local authorities- previously money that was not clearly ring-fenced went nowhere near schools;

    *Ensure the two extra INSET days allow faculties/departments to actually work on curriculum development, rather than have them filled up with more form filling to judge progress 'on the journey';

    *Ensure the expanded programme of SQA events is actualy worthwhile attending- previous ones have usually features SQA types not answering/ being unable to answer reasonable questions / asking the teachers to provide all the answers;

    *Ensure Education Scotland and the SQA actually write some clear, relevant and useful material / NARs, rather than the pathetically empty offering currently available- teachers have too much to do without doing Education Scotland and the SQA's job for them for free

    Lastly, you repeatedly claimed the majority of teachers were ready for the new qualifications but always failed to suport your claims with evidence (thus failing to even achieve a 'developing' level across a range of CfE criteria.

    Will you be apologising for making misleading statements like this?