CfE and celebrating creativity in all aspects of the life of the school


The philosophy and pedagogy of our school and nursery is based on ‘The Enriched Curriculum’.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”

Albert Einstein

CfE offered us the opportunity to redress the balance under 5-14 and to encourage and celebrate creativity – ‘the gift’ – in all aspects of the life of the school. A clear focus of children and staff was on being imaginative, taking risks and challenging convention.

Real creativity means tuning into the learners. Children are involved in the planning of their learning and regular opportunities are provided for hands on experimentation, problem solving and collaborative work.

Teaching and non teaching staff are actively encouraged to be innovative. They have ownership of learning within the school as all have leadership roles, some with whole school curriculum responsibility and others leading aspects of wider achievement in the school.

Higher Order Questioning, or ‘Talking Round Corners’

An aspect of creativity that is used successfully is a strategy called ‘Talking Round Corners’ which was developed in Inverclyde and Overton was one of the pilot schools. TRC has a focus on dialogic teaching where higher order questions used at all stages, using Bloom’s Taxonomy, are at its core. It supports and develops abilities in critical thinking and increases pupil knowledge of how to learn.

Talking Round Corners has become the pedagogy (we refer to it as the ‘toolbelt’) of our school upon which many other strategies (the tools) are used to support learning and teaching where appropriate. These include AIfL, collaborative learning, rich tasks, the enterprising classroom and active learning.

The ongoing commitment of staff, the active engagement of our children and the support of our parents has been crucial to our success. We are a school who knows itself well and is constantly learning and looking to improve.

Liz Ruddy, Head Teacher, Overton Primary School and Nursery Class.

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