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rsz_humza_yousaf_17On Friday 5th October, I had the pleasure of meeting five students who have chosen to come to Scotland from India to take advantage of our world-class education system.

Sauptak, Joydeep, Amey, Troambaka and Hemant are all studying towards gaining Masters degrees at the University of Strathclyde. They represent a much larger community of almost 3,000 Indians currently studying in Scottish higher education institutions and colleges.

I was immensely proud to hear about the positive experience they are having while living and studying in Scotland and the confidence they have in the quality of Scottish higher education. I have no doubt that their decision to study in Scotland will have a positive impact on their lives and future careers.

I can be confident of that because Scotland is internationally renowned for excellence in higher education, and our universities are world-leading. Five of our universities rank in the top 200 in the Times Higher World Universities Ranking published just yesterday, and a new British Council report confirmed this week that the Scottish system rates highly against the rest of the world and the overall learning satisfaction of our international students is unmatched worldwide.

These findings back up what we’ve known for a long time – that our overseas students can and do enjoy a fulfilling academic experience in Scotland, and that they contribute significantly to student life, just like Sauptak, Joydeep, Amey, Troambaka and Hemant.



l-r: Sauptak Banerjee, Amey Karnik, Troambaka Datta, Strathclyde Uni Vice Principal Kenneth Miller, Mr Yousaf, Joydeep Dubey and Hemant Chandran





Three of those five have received support towards a year of their study through the Scottish Government’s Saltire Scholarships programme.

This scheme offers up to 200 awards of £2000 per year on a matched funding basis to international students from the Scottish Government’s priority countries – China, India, the US and Canada. Fifty scholarships per year are awarded specifically to Indian students.

Programmes like this are hugely important because they raise the international profile of Scotland as a great place to live, study, work, visit and do business and they showcase the best of Scottish higher education to potential students, visitors, settlers and investors from around the world.

In Scotland, we warmly welcome international students and researchers and we value the significant cultural, economic and intellectual contribution they make to our institutions and to our nation.

Scotland’s relationship with India is very important to us. As one of the world’s fastest expanding economies, an important investor, our third largest international market for students, and a country where young people make up more than half of the population, India is a major priority for our overseas engagement.

Many of our Higher Education Institutions share the Scottish Government’s commitment to developing strong links with India, and have worked hard to make their own connections. These include student mobility exchanges, teaching exchanges and research partnerships.

I will visit New Delhi and Mumbai in October to take forward this government’s ambition to strengthen our friendship with India – by securing new inward investment, enticing more tourists to visit our great nation, and encouraging more students like Sauptak, Joydeep, Amey, Troambaka and Hemant to invest in their own futures by enrolling at one of Scotland’s world-renowned universities.

Humza Yousaf

Minister for External Affairs and International Development

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  • Yepi 2

    they are the people who brought many good things for people hoping they will do much more good luck

  • Indranni Lahiri

    Hi Humza, Your comment and initiative left me feel proud of both India and Scotland. I am here as a PhD candidate and have treasured the experience. Thank you being supportive.

  • Girish

    Encouraging and intertesting statement by Minister Humza Yousaf. Besides education Scotland has added many positive points to your personality Amey. All the best to you and your colleagues. We are proud of you. Girish Inamdar