The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning reflects on the work of the ICT in Education Excellence Group

Last year I set the Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Muffy Calder, and the ICT in Education Excellence Group a task to define the future for a user-centred Glow service that can remain relevant to our children and young people for years to come.  

The task set was not an easy one, and I want to thank Professor Calder and the members of the Excellence Group for their considerable hard work, dedication and expertise over the course of the past 5 months.

It is extremely important to me that schools can harness the power of technology for learning, keep pace with rapidly evolving developments and that we speak the language that young people speak online.  I therefore warmly welcome the report, and my priority is not to lose momentum on this quality piece of work.

It is now important to consider the report and the feasibility of the recommendations therein and I am immediately establishing mechanisms to do that, including retaining the Excellence Group as a Reference Group to advise us going forward.

I am also keen to ensure that we keep the conversation on Glow going, and so I invite your views and thoughts in relation to the report and its recommendations.  Please comment below, get in touch via the Engage contact page, or log-in to Glow and comment on the blog that has been set up.

Michael Russell
Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning

ICT in Education Excellence Group Report
Professor Muffy Calder Blog  

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